Human resources

The pleasant working environment we have created is an example for many businesses in general. We take care of our employees by providing a fair, secure, dynamic environment with development opportunities for all. We abide by an entirely meritocratic system for evaluation and reciprocity, while we systematically seek to achieve a balance between work and private life.

Applying a decentralized while fully participatory management system, all our employees are involved in the decision making process, the selection of the right strategy to achieve a goal and finally the control process. We create incentives for our employees through a wide range of benefits such as advancement opportunities, leisure trips, business trips and generally we constantly seek for motivation for our employees. Given the high level people, build incentives but also a wide range of prim such as leisure travel, business travel, bonus payment, reward employees time and a lot more. Often organize various events in the company, but also we don’t lose the opportunity to meet each other and have fun, away from our business place.

Thanks to everyone separately, but also all together as a team, we daily overreach ourselves, smiling with pleasure to our customers.

Our employees, our strength !

Many thanks to our staff!

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