Our Vision

Seeking and implementing innovative ideas and solutions in all areas where we operate, our vision is to distinguish in the market for our professionalism and diversity, and try to become a model company with completely satisfied customers, staff and shareholders.

Our mission …

  • Το fully meet the expectations of those who trust us.
  • To understand the market needs and to always try to offer to our customers high quality products helping them with the best possible way of service.
  • To improve, on a daily basis, the quality characteristics of the products and services we provide and to seek new ones, which will better meet the needs of consumers.
  • To grow perpetually and multilaterally, respecting the constraints imposed by healthy competition.
  • To grasp the social dimension of our work, as well as the impact it has on society.
  • To respect the environment by applying the principles of bioclimatic design and by selecting the appropriate materials.
  • To create the best standard work environment for employees making work enjoyable.
  • To set an example and to contribute to the sustainable development of our region.


George Fragedakis

Managing Director

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