Aurora Blue Villa

Architectural Design: Creative Ltd.
Location: Maleme, Municipality of Chania
Study Period: 2022
Plot Area: 1.697,84 sq.m.
Total square homes: 491sq.m.

Type:Touristic Residencies


The property is located in the wider area of Maleme, about 16 km west of Chania city, within a plot of total area of 1,697.84 sq.m.  The slope of the plot is mild, with the largest altitude difference being located in its northern part. The plot on three sides is bordered by a rural road, while to the north by an adjacent property-unstructured plot. Its orientation is north overlooking the sea.

Most of the area is occupied by properties with olive trees. The construction is limited and mainly concerns detached houses for tourist use.

On the first floor there are also 3 bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms each. Each room has large openings and access to a private balcony. The left room also has access to a private terrace with a total area of 58.40 sq.m.

The outdoor area extends in front of the residence and includes the swimming tank, with a total area of 94.00 sq.m., seating areas and covered area for the bbq and the dining area. Also, outside there is a semi-outdoor area that hosts the gym.

For the house, natural materials in earthy shades were selected so that the house harmonizes with the environment in which it develops. For masonry was chosen coating in a white shade. The frames are dark grey aluminum and the floor material is granite tiles with a stone appearance in beige-gray shades. Also, the wood paneling is intense throughout the building's shell. In particular, wood is found in the linings of balconies, pergolas and decorative threads. The removable perforated wood thread acts as a decorative element of the facades but also as a filter that adjusts the visual contact.

At the same time, emphasis was placed on the landscaping of the surrounding area and the appropriate planting was chosen, in order to create a pleasant, summery and suitable environment for relaxation close to nature.

Finally, the configuration of the surrounding area, as well as the architecture of the building are highlighted even more with the appropriate lighting study.


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