Our company was born in 2006 from the passion of some young people, who with their know-how, their innovative ideas, with a high sense of responsibility and consistency, aspire to change the standards in the field of construction. In 2010, after many years of cooperation, it merged with the architecture and decoration office designx, acquiring equivalent dynamics in the fields of design and construction.

Our projects stand out for their high quality, aesthetic integrity and safety, because they combine respect for tradition, new building techniques, modern trends in architecture and the principles of bioclimatic design.

With the appropriate organization of administrative services and production processes, we are on a continuous upward course, seeking to maintain and strengthen our position in the market, as well as further specialization and assimilation of new trends and technologies.

Our projects stand out for their high quality, aesthetic excellence and safety


By seeking and implementing innovative ideas and solutions in all the sectors in which we operate, our vision is to stand out in the market for our professionalism and diversity, and to become a model company with fully satisfied customers, staff and shareholders.

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