Beach Front Villa

Architectural Design: creative SA
Decorative Design
: creative SA

Location: Keras Beach, Municipality of Apokoronas, N. Chania
Study Period: March - August 2023
Building plot area: 6sq.m.
Proposed built-up area: 550 sq.m.

Type: Tourist Accommodation


The project "Beach Front Villa" concerns the design of a holiday home in the area of Apokoronas, Chania, on the beach of Keras.

The aim of the project was to design a luxurious residence with unobstructed sea views. In addition, due to the location of the plot, the smooth descent to the beach of Keras was required, enhancing the holiday experience.

The seaside plot has an area of 6 acres, north facing, with an altitude difference of more than 10 meters from the road to the beach line. The large difference in height creates two distinct levels, which led to the division of the building into two floors, with a total surface area of 550sqm.

The terrain and orientation towards the sea determined the layout of the building and specifically led to a parallel, staggered arrangement in order to ensure an unobstructed view from all levels.

The basement section has a surface area of 193sqm, includes the underground parking area, and can accommodate the auxiliary functions.

Regarding the design of the facades, the creation of large openings on the view side, combined with the landscaped semi-outdoors and the characteristic canopies, give the feeling of an open, borderless residence that subtly emphasizes its presence in the landscape. The materials proposed, a combination of stone cladding with coloured coatings in warm tones, dark metallic elements and wooden surfaces attempt to create an earthy, warm and luxurious atmosphere.

The proposal for the interiors is characterized by the colour contrast of white and dark tones, which gives a modern and quiet elegance, dominated by the sea as a background. The furniture and lighting proposed incorporate the curve as a dominant element, in order to sculpturally harmonize use and design.


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