Cartel Street Food

Architectural Design / Decoration Study: Dimiourgiki Ltd.
Location: Chania
Study Period: July 2021
Construction Period: September - December 2021
Surface: 455 sq.m.

Type:Retail - Offices


The design starts from the configuration of the canteen and extends to the surrounding area. The dominant element of the design is the pointed canopy above the canteen. Strict lines and geometric shapes are found in the whole design from planters and floor configurations to the graphic decorative elements of the facades.

Natural materials such as wood, cobblestones, gravel complete the image of a canteen close to nature. In the same direction, plantings were also chosen. Tropical plants such as cacti, palm trees and banana trees transport you to an exotic environment. The palette of materials is complemented by black metal elements and colors such as tile, blue and gray.

Project Photos