Architectural Design / Design of Decoration: Dimiourgiki Ltd.
Location: Center of Chania
Study Period: December 2021
Construction Period: March 2022
Surface: 100sq.m.

Type:Retail - Offices


The role of the pharmacy in today's era is constantly changing, visiting a pharmacy is not only done to treat a disease, but is identified with the promotion of well-being. Especially in the period of the pandemic, the pharmacy is a daily need and a place of interaction. The pharmacist comes close to the customer, giving him advice, the relationship that develops is interpersonal.

Modern man is confronted daily with challenges of all kinds, thus seeking inner balance and well-being. The architectural design and interior design are called to acquire an additional role beyond the service of aesthetics and functionality. Architecture returns to its natural roots and serves its primary and basic role that has as its core man. The new anthropocentric dimension that is projected and aims at the "well-being" of modern man was the main goal and the central idea of our design for the pharmacy.

Sofas, tables, product shelves and lamps follow voluminous shapes, curves and rounded corners with references to unprecedented furniture figures. The large marble bench of the cashier with a metal frame of curves enhances the raw simplicity that we wanted to give to the space.

The central service table with the special metal base and the plastic form helps to provide information in the sales area and in the social interaction.  Our general goal was the evolution of the Greek pharmacy with the creation of a space that allows the customer to comfortably and pleasantly tour and stay.

Project Photos