El Greco

Architectural Design: Dimiourgiki Ltd.
Design Design: Dimiourgiki Ltd.
Construction: Dimiourgiki Ltd.
Location: Old Town of Chania
Study Period: August 2021- November 2022
Construction period: November 2022- April 2022

Type: Hotels

El Greco Hotel

Hotel ElGreco is located in the western part of the old town of Chania, in the historic district of Topanas, with its main façade on Theotokopoulou Street. It is a three-storey building with basement and roofgarden, with an area of 617.20 sqm.  In total, our study concerned the complete renovation and remodeling – internal and external – of the hotel, which is developed on 5 levels and includes 17 rooms (double, triple and quadruple), a reception area and a restaurant.

The clear influence of the Cretan painter ElGreco on the aesthetics and the central idea of shaping the hotel, determined to a large extent the final result. The main objective was for the hotel to recreate the peculiar and evocative atmosphere of ElGreco's paintings with interiors inspired by art. Each room has been designed based on a specific painting of ElGreco and is characterized by a dominant color, which is discreetly imprinted on elements of furnishings, such as the color on the headboard, the mirror, etc.

The main elements of ElGreco's work, the intense shadows and rich folding, were deconstructed and used in the design approach of the hotel and are particularly evident in the reception area, with the decorative elements such as the perimeter frame of the roof and the choice of lighting fixtures.

Based on these data, the movement of visitors to the floors of the hotel was approached, using the perforated partitions around the central staircase, creating a unique experience in movement and the transition from the public to the private, the void and the complete, the light and the shadow. The route ends with the revealing view of the sea as the visitor is led to the roof of the hotel.


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