Oneiric Villas
in Rethymno

Architectural Study

and environment
: Creative SA
Design of decoration: Creative SA
Construction: Creative SA
Location: 'Atsipopoulo', Municipality of Rethymnon
Study Period: March 2019 - May 2019
Construction period: May 2020 - May 2021
Land area: 6.400sq.m.
Total surface area of dwellings: 648sq.m.

Type: Tourist Accommodation

oneiric villas IN RETHYMNO

The plot is located in the area of "Atsipopoulo", south of the National Road Chania-Rethymnon. It provides an unobstructed view of the thallasas and consists of low native vegetation, shrubs and bushes.

The aim of the design was to create three stone-built residences, fully integrated into the wider natural environment and constructed according to the characteristics imposed by the morphological rules of the area. The houses are identical, with an area of 216 m2 each. They consist of a basement, ground floor and attic. On the ground floor there is the living room, dining room and kitchen, two bedrooms and two bathrooms. In the attic there is a third bedroom with its bathroom. The single common area is open plan with large openings, overlooking the pool and the sea, while to the north of it there is a semi-open space for protection and shading. Each house has a swimming pool of 35sqm.


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