Sapel Hall

Architectural Design / Decoration Study: Dimiourgiki Ltd.
Location: Agia Marina Chania
Study Period: June – September 2021
Construction Period: October 2021 – June 2022
Surface: 2.248 sqm

Type:Retail - Offices


The building is located in the area of Agia Marina and is one of the most famous beach bars. It consists of the main building and its surrounding area that develops next to the beach. The study focused on the configuration of the main façade of the building and its surroundings.

The primary goal of the study was the design of an impressive and imposing façade that would emphasize the main entrance of the space. The entrance is placed in the center of a frame 6m long and 9m high. In the same frame, an arch enclosing the entrance is inscribed. This dominant motif of the frame and the inscribed arch is repeated and "erased" as we approach the building. In this way, the sense of depth is created, which further emphasizes the main entrance.

The arch enclosing the entrance was lined with a perforated panel with geometric shapes. The sharp contrast between the white clear frame and the dense geometric shape of the arch further highlights the main entrance of the space. The same geometric pattern is repeated in the rearmost "layers" of the façade, in contrast to some others that were chosen to remain empty.

Next to the main entrance, the entrance to the outdoor area next to the beach was planned. It is a corridor with intense planting on either side and metal elements on the roof. These metal elements consist of white metal and form a geometric pattern, which with the appropriate lighting, makes the transition to the outdoor space more impressive and interesting.

The surrounding area of the building was designed with the main aim of creating a modern environment with simple lines that harmonizes with the summer mood and the beach located a few meters away. A characteristic element of the space are the large palm trees which were emphasized with the appropriate lighting. Custom made lighting fixtures embrace the palm trees and illuminate the space by highlighting it. The tent and the outdoor bars were redesigned according to the general concept of the space, which is dominated by white, black metallic details and rich planting.

Project Photos